Mustasuon mysteeri


Mustasuon mysteeri


Why do the sad girls, the mournettes, go missing from school? The Black Marsh Mystery continues the story....

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Author: Kati Närhi
Publication date: 2012
Publisher: WSOY
Format info: 132 pages, size 177 mm x 248 mm

The Black Marsh Mystery continues the story of the orphan girl Agnes. In this second instalment, Agnes is sent off to a boarding school because her grandmother has entered hospital and can no longer look after her. But Agnes’ new home is not just any school; the reader will soon find that there are plenty of secrets hidden within its walls. A curious Agnes investigates the oddities of the teaching staff, as well as why the despondent girls, known as the mournettes, are disappearing from the school.

Agnes already won our hearts in The Secrets of Fern Grove. Now she is fast on her way to becoming a first-class investigative detective, explorer and tightrope walker. Agnes is in her element when she can use her natural inquisitiveness and flights of fancy to fight cowardice and small-mindedness.